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Books to Box Office is a project examining the relationship and accuracy of the screen adaptation of the original published work. Whether it be a New York Times bestseller, a childrens book, popular book in the education system, comic book, autobiography, or any other genre, when you step out of the movie theatre and ask, “I wonder how the book was,” we aim to answer that question. Or vice versa.

Movies, for the most part, are not exact replicas of the book its story and characters come from. There are many cuts and shifts, and recognizing those transformations, and whether it hinders the message and theme of the original work is important. But, often there are too many changes for us to recount, so rather than pour over every detail, bookstoboxoffice.com sweeps over the broad themes and the biggest changes. After all, we do not want to do the work for you; we want you to read the book and watch the film. Bookstoboxoffice.com is the bridge between the two mediums.

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