The Spirit

the spirit comic book movie comparison

Comic Writer, Artist: Will Eisner & Assoc. Published: 1940 – 1952 Sunday newspaper supplement Movie Director, Screenplay: Frank Miller Starring: Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendez, Scarlett Johansson Released: December, 2008 Rated: PG-13 Taking a classic and celebrated body of work such as The Spirit is a touchy thing. Its formula is simple yet […]

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

bram stokers dracula book movie comparison

  Book: Bram Stoker ©1897 Movie: Directed by: Francis Ford CoppolaStarring: Anthony Hopkins, Gary Oldham, Winona Ryder, Keeanu Reeves Rated: R Released: 1992 We all know Dracula. From Blacula to Doctor Dracula, the iconic antagonist has taken on many forms on the big screen in a frightening amount of spinoffs and adaptations. While these cinematic […]